Nazareth Margoschis College at Pillaiyanmanai - Tamil

There are five NSS units in the college. Unit No. 58 and 160 are for boys and Unit Nos. 59, 63 and 131 are for girls. Each unit has more than 100 volunteers or regular activities. We conduct special camping programmes during holidays with fifty special volunteers.

The special objectives of the NSS are:

1. Character building.

2. Improvement of Environment.

3. Promotion of National Integration on cultural, Social and educational forms.

4. Promotion of family planning in rural areas.

Regular Activities:

Campus cleaning programme once in a month visiting the adopted village and cleaning programme of the village. Maintaining the planted trees in the villages conducting Road Safety Rally and Health Awareness Programme.

Special Camp:

Conducting the Special camp during the every week of august every year in the adopted village for seven days. Skill development programme by experts. National Integration rally, religious harmony and health awareness rally – Personality Development.

Special Activity:

1. Blood Grouping to all the students

2. Organising Blood donation camp