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Nazareth Margoschis College at Pillaiyanmanai - Tamil


Drug abuse in children and teenagers may pose a greater hazard than in older people. Today’s young persons are undeniably an integral part of society. With their unique experiences, viewpoints and vitality, young people are capable of making extremely important contributions to society. Young people also face a variety of challenges. During adolescence, young people confront difficult choices with respect to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. These days, drug abuse is becoming an increasing trend and playing a larger role in youth culture. Normally associated with economic and social factors, drug abuse has become more prominent among youth, as drugs have become increasingly varied and accessible. Today, there is a clear need for effective drug prevention programmes directed toward youth.

Youth Against Drug Club of our college creates awareness on drug abuse by organizing counselling programmes, awareness programmes and workshops to the students by qualified professionals, and creates opportunity to the students to involve themselves in drug prevention programmes by organizing anti-drug possessions and circulating pamphlets.