Facilities – PE

Facilities available for Sports and Games

Our College has a vast landscape of 48.5 acres, the building has occupied only 10 acres and the rest of the land is used for all the playground facilities.  Nearly 50% of the College land has been used for play field facilities.

Ample facilities are provided for both Outdoor as well as Indoor sports activities. Students are given opportunities to practice sports and games daily morning and evening. The best performers are encouraged to participate in the district, state and university level competitions.


Outdoor Games: 

The college has the following facilities for the outdoor games.

Sl. No.Sports / Games
1Athletics (400 Meters Track & Field)
2Football Field
3Five-a-side Football court
4Hockey Field
5Volley ball court
6Kabaddi court

Athletics (Track & Field) – 400 Meters Track

Athletics (Track & Field) – Long Jump & Triple Jump Pit


Athletics (Track & Field) – Long Jump & Triple Jump Pit

Athletics (Track & Field) – Discus Circle

Athletics (Track & Field) – Shot-put & Hammer Circle

Athletics (Track & Field) – Javelin Sector

Football Field

Five-a-side Football court

Hockey Field

Volley ball court

Volley ball court

Kabaddi court




Indoor Games: 

            The college has the following facilities for the indoor games.


Sl. No.Sports / GamesInfrastructure / Facility Dimension
1Table TennisStandard size Table Tennis Board
2ChessChess Board
3CaromCarom Boards


Table Tennis

Carom & Chess


Mini Gym (20 X 20 ft.)

A 20 X 20 feet sized mini Gym is available to the students for weight training to improve their strength and performing Weightlifting activities. College team players do their weight training sessions in the gym to improve their strength. The weightlifting team of the college also practice here to improve their lifting skills and techniques.

Equipment available in the Gym

Sl. No.Equipment
1Olympic weightlifting set (187 kgs)
2Olympic weightlifting Rod (15kg women)
3Barbell – 15 kg
4Barbell – 10 kg
5Barbell – 7 kg
6Barbell – 5 kg
7Weight plates – 1kg to 10 kgs
8Bench Press
9Squat Stands


Mini Gym:

Gym Facilities

Gym Facilities



Track and Field Facilities

            A standard size 400 Meters Track & Field facility with 80 meters straight and 120 meters curve is available in our college for the students to practice athletic events and to improve their general fitness. Track and field events like running, jumping and throwing events are being practiced here daily. This facility has also been used by the local community for improving their general fitness. Men and women from the local community also use this facility to qualify themselves for attending the physical fitness exams conducted by the uniform services recruitment board.

An international size 10 meters Long Jump cum Triple Jump landing pit is available to practice long jump and triple jump events.

Two throwing circles and sectors for practicing throwing events like Shot-put, Discus throw, and Hammer throw events.

A foam pit is available in the college for practicing the High Jump and Pole-vault events.

Equipment available for Track & Field

Sl. No.Equipment
1Foam pit (5 X 4 M)
2High Jump Uprights
3Pole-vault Uprights
4Pole-vault Fiber Poles
6Discus Throw
7Hammer Throw
9Starting Blocks

Foam pit & High Jump Uprights

Pole-vault Uprights & Pole-vault Fiber Pole




Discus Throw, Hammer Throw & Shot-put



Starting Blocks 


Other Facilities

One set of Parallel Bars, one Horizontal Bar and Rope Climbing facility is also available for the students for practice, and this facility is also used by the outsiders of local community for improving their fitness to qualify for the physical fitness exams in the uniform services recruitments.