Nazareth Margoschis College at Pillaiyanmanai - About - Rules

1. The library will be kept open on all weak days from 9a.m to 4.45p.m. The library will be kept closed on Sunday and other notified holidays.

2. All undergraduate and postgraduate students will be supplied with three and five Borrower Tickets respectively. For borrowing book, a student must produce the ticket at the issue counter. When he/she returns the book the ticket will be given back to him/her. Students must return their tickets at the end of their course or at the time of leaving the college.

3. The period of loan is ten days only. Three consecutive renewals are allowed provided there is no reservation for that particular book. An over due charge of one rupee will be levied for each day the book is kept beyond the due date.

4. The Librarian can recall the book at anytime without giving reasons.

5. No student shall re-land the book taken from the library and books should be returned before commencement of summer vacation.

6. Damage to or loss of books on loan should be immediately reported to the librarian.

7. If borrowers Ticket is lost, duplicate ticket Will be issued only on payment of Rs.25/-.

8. Costly books, bounded volumes, reference books, news papers question papers and the like are not issued on loan.

9. All markings, underlining etc. are punishable with fine.

10. Students are expected to maintain absolute silence in the Library.

11. On receiving book, the student must examine it and report to the Librarian if any damage found in it. If the student fails to do so, he/she will be held responsible for any damage that may afterwards be detected and be asked to pay the compensation towards the damage.

12. If library book is lost, the cost of the book plus 50/- of the same will be recovered from the borrower.