Zoology Outcome

Programme : B.Sc. Zoology

Programe Outcome (PO):

  • Zoologists know the Diversity of Animals, love for creatures and care about animals.
  • They study, analyse and observe wildlife to develop preservation strategies.
  • Monitor environmental effects on animal populations.
  • Embryology and organ formation of animals and human also. 

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO):

  • Learnt Laboratory Techniques.
  • Health and Hygiene, Disease prevention methods, Treatment for some diseases of animals and man.
  • Understand the key anatomical and physiological attributes of each animal group.
  • Thorough knowledge of Medical Plants and Ecofriendly Environment.

  Course Outcome (Learning Outcome):

  • Graduates have a thorough knowledge of animal cells, tissues, organs and functions of various systems.
  • Chemistry of biological molecules.
  • Heredity and Genetic Disorders in man.
  • Biotech organisms (GMOs) and their need to meet food requirement of human population.
  • Applied subjects- Sericulture, Apiculture, and Medical Laboratory Technology for self-employment.
  • Developed practical skills and knowledge of Biostatistics for conducting research in the laboratory and fields.