Greetings to all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

            Nazareth Margoschis College was established in the year 1967 to provide a very good education to the downtrodden and poor students from villages in and around Nazareth. I feel proud and privileged to be a part of this prestigious Institution. At this juncture, I gratefully acknowledge the services rendered by Predecessors, dedicated Teachers, Management and ever-supporting Parents who have worked selflessly and tirelessly to bring glory to God and honor to our College. May God bless them with manifold blessings.

            I am pleased to acknowledge that Margoschis College lays its stress not just on academic excellence but also on character building. It motivates students to “always aim high”. The students come here with a great hope and vision and achieve their dreams. “Arise and Shine” being our Motto, the aim of the college always has been to bring out the best in the students and make them better citizens. The College always tries to impart academia, a sense of duty, discipline, and moral and human values among the students which are need of the time.

            We will be unsaturated without a good education. Education not only gives us a platform to succeed, but also the knowledge of social conduct, strength, character and self- respect. Dear parents/guardians with your support together we would like to achieve your dreams in deeds.

            Best wishes for an enriching and fruitful academic year.

Dr. A. Periyanayagom Jeyaraj,