The foundation stone of the chapel of Nazareth Margoschis College was blessed and Laid by the Rt. Rev. S.Daniel Abraham, B.D., STM., Bishop in Tirunelveli on The 14th November 1984. The Chapel was Dedicated by The Rt. Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj M.A. ,B.D.,Dip in Th., Bishop in Tirunelveli  & Deputy  Moderator in Church of South India on the 26th September 1992.

In every year, the Chapel day function is celebrating in a grand manner. The Love  feast is shared with all Staff and Students. Our Staff Members are giving contribution to provide the feast.                                                   

Daily Morning 9:15 a.mMorning  Worship
Every Wednesday 1:00 p.mStudents Counseling Meeting
Every Friday  1:00 p.m.Fasting Prayer
Every Friday 3:45 p.mOur Staff Prayer cell

Thus the Christian activities are conducted regularly in our College Chapel. Both the Students and Staff members are benefited Spiritually.