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Nazareth Margoschis College at Pillaiyanmanai - Students Support Fund

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    1. There is a discretionary fund that is available to assist student’s who struggling financially.Any support provided through the fund doesn’t need to be paid back . All applicants are assessed in accordance with the student support fund Guidelines.

    2. In accordance with the Access Agreement, Nazareth Margoschics college at Pillaiyanmanai is committed to sustaining and improving student success and progression among underprivileged and disadvantaged groups.

    3. The Student support Fund is provided by the staff well-wishers.students, parents, Alumini, philanthropists as a grant or payment made to support a student’s education.


    1. The scholarship can be given to the students who do not get any kind of scholarships from the Government or any other organizations.

    2. A maximum amount of RS.5000/-can be paid as tuition fees per annum to each eligible student in an academic year.

    3. The eligible student’s will be selected by a committee consisting of three staff members.

    4. Students who are eligible to get scholarship are asked to apply for the scholarship at the proper time and reap the benefits.