Scope of History – BA

“History makes men wise” said by Francis Bacon because of History occupies an important place and its utilitarian value. It’s a record of the past. History as a subject of study has great heritage which was born on the day of the birth of the early man himself and since then it steadily grown in tune with the changing trend of the time. It had limited scope and purpose in the early stages. But the scientific approach elevated history as an utilitarian subject. It has an ample opportunities in learning and employment opportunities widened the scope of History. History is a field of study, an academic discipline and a pursuit of knowledge.

1. Learning Process

History is closely associated with many disciplines. The immune learning activites made the subject as an important one. History offers various lesson to its readers.It also offers the lesson that man has learnt any lesson from history is also equally true.

1. Certificate / Diploma Courses:

The students of History can pursue certificate and diploma coures in the fields of tourism, archaeology, politices, Gandian Thought, folk lore foundation, Library Science and Local History.

2. B.Ed., B.L.,:

The students of History can option for receive the Bachelor Education and Law.

3. P.G Degree

They can purse the master of degree in History, Politics, Tourism and Public administration.

II. Employment Opportunities

The Scientific and analytical approach of History made the subject as an utilitanian Subject. Besides theses the employment opportunities widened the scope of the subject.

1. Teachers / Professor

  The students of History can get employment in Educational institution as teachers, professors and administrators.


The students also get employment in State and Central government officers throught Public Service Commissioners which gives much importance to historical events serving as officers in defences service. The students of history exhibits their talents.

A large numbers of students of history are in the service of Central  governments by clearing examination conducts by the Public Service Commissions.

Socio – Cultural Implication

History plays a vital role in moulding the characters of a person. The study of historical events and the noble ideas of great personality helped the human being as good citizenship and induced them to work for the betterment of Socio Cultural transformation. Thus the learning and employment opportunities made the subject history as an unique subject among the Social Sciences.