• Demonstrate an in-depth understanding in a specialized discipline.
  • Utilize modern computation tools for solving conundrums, technical and Arithmetic problems.
  • Improve efficacy in applying contemporary knowledge of theories and practical in day-to-day life.
  • Acquire proficiency in verbal, written and visual communication.
  • Improve skill to grok People, Business, Market, Governments and Public relations.
  • Enhance knowledge about Health, Hygiene and Nature.
  • Pursue advanced and additional education in specific field.


  • Gain momentum to increase focus and specialization on a subject.
  • Develop an impetus for deeper analysis and include detailed study of the subject.
  • Able to manage and utilize resources effectively to render positive consequences
  • Obtain a greater capacity for higher order thinking skills.
  • Able to create and synthesize knowledge needed to address the complex issues of the society.
  • Recognize the importance of life – long learning.

Master of Philosophy

  •  Converge the area of focus to a specific real-life problem.
  • Apply knowledge in real life problem to attain a tangible outcome.
  • Develop and structure the argument using clear academic language.
  • Locate a possible solution through disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and creativity.
  • Maintain an Equilibrium between Ethical values and Rational thinking.

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Analyze and dissect a real-life problem not just describe and report other’s opinions.
  • Research the root cause of the problem and get the potential solution towards human welfare.
  • Ponder to meet diverse needs in the society.
  • Ensure environmental sustainability and wellness of the society.
  • Emerge as an expert or specialist in the scope of research.