The Nature Club of our College has always been committed in sensitizing the students on issues related to Environment. This club seeks to create awareness among students community about eco-friendly nature. It consists of a dedicated group of students who have passion for and devotion to Mother Nature and her creations.


  • The primary objective of nature club is to make our environment green and clean by reducing the global warming and plastics by all means.
  • Promote the establishment and maintenance of natural areas and nature reserves, conserve and protect species, communities and other natural features of interest, by study.
  • Provide youth opportunities to learn in and about the natural world around them.

Club activities:

  • Dangers and Alternative for Plastics – Poster Presentation Competition 
  • Environmental awareness program
  • Tree plantation
  • Drawing competition on the topic “Anti-Plastic Awareness”.
  • Tree surveying inside the college campus.
  • Environmental quiz
  • Tree plantation inside our College campus
  • “Causes and Impacts of Ozone hole” – Essay Competition
  • Herbal Gardening inside the College Campus
  • Awareness on medicinal uses of plants
  • An awareness programme on “Prevention of plastics and Polythene bags usage for sustainable Environment”
  • Anti-Plastic Rally
  • Celebration of World Wide Life Day, Forest Day, World Ozone Day, Waste wet land reclamation programme
Dr. K. Frank Merin,
Convener, Nature Club.
Dr. C. Baby Shalini
Co-ordinator, Nature Club.