Maths – Program Outcome


  • Apply the underlying unifying structure of mathematics and the relationship among them.
  • Identification of actual problems and its equivalent mathematical models.
  • Application to different optimization techniques in real life situations.
  • Knowledge gained in utilization of optimum resources.
  • Creation of novel ideas and simple techniques useful to society



  • To gain advanced knowledge about the recent developments in mathematics
  • To learn different optimization techniques
  • To know classification of different structured problems
  • To learn the problem solving techniques for aptitude problems
  • To enable the students prepare themselves for various competitive examinations
  • Students have developed mathematical models in real life problems


  • Improved students quantitative reasoning processes their proficiencies with mathematical operations and their problem solving capabilities.
  • Provided a foundation for understanding the applicability and power of mathematics to a variety of problems.
  • Able to evaluate and communicate mathematical and statistical ideas.
  • Recognize the importance and value of mathematical and statistical thinking, training and approach to problem solving on a diverse variety of disciplines.