Maintenance Policy

       The institution ensures the maintaining of the infrastructure by undertaking repairing work every year. An annual maintenance contract (AMC)has been made between local computer service center and institution to ensure the maintenance of computer and ICT facilities. Every year computers are checked and repaired by the technicians. People from computer service centre take care of the maintenance of computers, supporting hardware, LAN and Wi-Fi across the campus. File sharing is enabled inside the campus through Local Area Network.  The campus is maintained clean and tidy by the institution. All the classrooms, Staff rooms, Seminar halls and Laboratories are cleaned and maintained regularly by Non-teaching staff assigned for each area. Wash rooms and rest rooms are well maintained.  The record of instruments purchased is maintained by stock register. For the maintenance of academic facilities like laboratories, classrooms, skill-related workshops, conference and seminar halls, additional budget is allocated. The playground is also maintained regularly by eradicating unwanted weeds and grass from the field.

The sports facilities of the institute are maintained by physical education department. Our College has a Kabaddi Court, 2 Football grounds, an Athletic Ground, and a big sports Room containing various sports equipment for mini gym, shot put, hammer throw, high jump, pole vault and games. There are a Physical Director and a Marker man to take care of all the activities, coaching, events, tournaments / Leagues, and maintenance. Every year physical verification of the available consumable & non consumable materials is done. Electrical and the Plumbing related maintenance is done with the help of skilled persons. The students are instructed to maintain the campus clean and plant trees inside the campus by NCC.

The Library has a Librarian, a Library Assistant and an Attendant, responsible for the issue and maintenance of all books, records of browsing, and keeping everything in order. The Library environment is maintained with proper procedures to provide a peaceful reading experience to the readers. Students are advised to keep the library clean by using dustbin. Students’ restrooms and retiring halls are cleaned often by the assigned workers to maintain the place clean and hygiene. The Gardner takes care of the garden as well as trees with diligence to provide an eco-friendly campus.

The necessary equipment, apparatus and instruments for the practical exams are installed and made available in the respective laboratories. The teachers operate them during the demonstration. A sufficient number ofLaboratory Assistants are employed and they clean, maintain and keep them safe in the Laboratory. The electricity and water supply to the Laboratories are ensured by the Technician. All wiring works, electric fittings and any default correction are done by the outside Electrician.