Facilities for Girl Students

Our College is surrounded by rural settlement to the radius of more than 20 Kms. So most of the girls admitted in the college are from the rural areas. By virtue of their merit, a greater number of female students get admission for UG courses and they outnumber male students. The institution’s main priority is to give them a proper high-quality education, and also to enhance the knowledge and skill of these girl students. The system and functioning of the college is structured in such a way that it motivates the students to foster good learning process. The institution through various programmes develops leadership qualities and enables the students to improve their communication skills and personality. The institution offers opportunities for the students to nurture and nourish their creative skill. By providing quality education, the institution helps to transform the lifestyle of the students.

 Counselling Progarmmes:

           As education has a powerful impact in the empowerment of women the institution offers programmes that instill human values and ethical standards in the minds and makes them socially and psychologically empowered. Various social activities and guidance programmes are conducted in the campus for girls to enable them face the future challenges.

Ladies Retiring Halls:

            The institution has female- friendly retiring premises. Female students can rest and relax in the premises during their leisure time. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, morning assembly is conducted in the girls retiring premises, separately for the girls. Female staff members offer counselling for the girls which proves to be very useful for building up their personality, values and virtues.  During the lunch time also, counselling is given to the female students at the Counselling Centre in the Returning Halls premises by the trained people from Christian organization.  Women’s Day Programme is organized every year by the Gender Sensitization Cell to make aware of the Women Safety, Social Problems and social responsibilities that motivate and shape the girls towards upliftment. Eve-teasing in any form is prohibited in the campus. Women attendants have been working specially to take care of the girls.

Counselling Centre:

In the girls’ retiring premises, there is a meditation-cum-counselling centre for the students to pray and meditate. Also, there are three long and spacious Retiring Halls for the I year, II year and III year girls separately. 

Basic amenities:

Convenience and sanitary napkin incinerator facilities are available to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation. There is regular water supply in the premise. Purified water is provided for the female students in the girls retiring premises itself. The girls retiring premise is always kept clean.

Ladies Staff Room:

            There is a Ladies Staff Room also situated in the girls enclosure. Lady staff members are entrusted with responsibility and discipline of girls. Provision of Girls retiring premise ensures better safety for the female students of the institution and therefore more number of women students is admitted in the institution. The admission of female students increases year after year. In short, the institution promotes gender equality and empowerment of women.

Transport facilities:

            The College working hours is framed in such a way that the girl students could get the road transports to their homeplace as soon as the classes are over. We have arranged regular service vehicles for girls from villages where there are no public transport facilities, in collaboration with the vehicle owners and with the consent of the parents.Some girls come by other private vans which ply through the location of our College.

Cultural Programmes:

            Girl students are enrolled in NSS girls units and various Awareness Programmes, meetings and other events are conducted by their involvements in the neighbourhood villages. Talents Day celebrated in the College gives opportunity to develop their skills in various aspects like elocution, drawing, bouquet making, Rangoli and Costume show. Thus our College provides a conducive atmosphere for the welfare of rural girl students.