Each paper contains an internal component. The External Examination is for 75% marks and the Internal Assessment carries 25 marks.   There is a pass minimum of 40% for external and overall components. Three internal tests, each of one hour duration, will be conducted every semester.  To the average of the best two written examination must be added the marks scored in the assignment for 5 marks.

Written test – 20 marks

Assignment – 5 marks

Total             – 25 marks

Other Modes of Internal Assessment

  1. Assignment
  2. Seminar
  3. Group discussion
  4. Long answer tests
  5. Short answer tests
  6. Short duration objective type tests
  7. Individual viva or Group viva
  8. Quiz announced and unannounced

External Examination

External examination will be of three hours duration for each paper at the end of  each semester.