English Programme Outcome

Programme Outcome (PO):

  • Students are equipped with the knowledge of English and understand its importance as a global language               
  • Students are equipped with analytical skills in linguistics, communication and literary criticism
  • Students are trained for careers and advanced studies in English, Public Relations and Communication fields

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO):

  • Students demonstrate an effective command of English and its linguistic structures both in oral and written form   
  • Students are able to apply critical and theoretical approaches in reading and also distinguish the genres of literature- drama, poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction.
  • Students demonstrate a broad awareness of literary text based on the historical, geographical and cultural context by analyzing, interpreting and describing the critical ideas, values and themes that appear in text and also understand the way these themes and values have an impact on culture and society both at present as well as in the past.


Course Outcome (Learning Outcome):

  • Students demonstrate proficiency in oral communication and presentations by organizing and delivering their work to the public.
  • Students are able to write analytically in a variety of formats including essays, research papers, reflective writing and critical reviews of secondary sources.
  • Students demonstrate close reading of the text and think critically, creatively and work productively to solve the real- life problems from different perspectives and also develop an attitude of service and commitment for social change.