Economics – Outcome

Programme: B.A. Economics

  • Students are expected to develop critical thinking skill and quantitative reasoning skills specific to business and accounting.
  • Explain the function of market and prices as allocative mechanisms
  • Identify key Macroeconomic indicators and measures of economic change, growth and development.
  • Explain the contribution of economics to the analysis of non-market social issues.

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO):

  • Students should apply economic analysis to everyday problems in real world situations
  • Understand current events and evaluate specific policy proposals
  • Possess problem-solving skills to have clear solutions and to address problems which have no clear answers.
  • Know the market structure, demand analysis and fixation of price.

Course Outcome (Learning Outcome):

  • Application of economic theory and quantitative analysis to major areas of study.
  • Expected to be able to communicate effectively in oral, written and graphical form about specific issues.
  • Know the role of domestic and international institutions and norms in shaping economics.
  • Ability to use the economic tools of analysis.
  • A knowledge of budgetary analysis and fiscal deficit of national economy.
  • Analyse causes and consequences of unemployment, inflation and economic growth.
  • To be able to prescribe the policies and programmes for the well-being of the society.