Blood Donation Club

The Blood Donors’ Club is on track to serve the society without any anticipation. The members of the club serve sincerely understanding the principle that donating blood is donating life. Yes, blood is considered as the life saving liquid and in fact, a life saving drug in many cases. It is not every day you can do something to save someone’s life but it is exactly what you do every time you donate blood. One Blood donor can save four lives.

            Presently, the need of blood is very high right throughout the world. India alone has a deficit of at least three million units. This situation calls pressing attention to voluntary blood donations, which remain the only way of making blood available to the needy. Let us contribute!

            Now a days, the advancements in Blood Transfusion Technology allow doctors to separate all the components of blood and store them at different Temperatures so that, all of them can be utilized optimally. Moreover, if we all were to donate blood twice a year, it would not just help the patients but our own bodies as well. Donation of blood is like servicing one’s own system as it helps your body form new blood more often and so become more robust.

          Despite of creating awareness among people through NSS camps and of explaining the importance and ethics of donating Blood, the doctors face difficulties and  hurdles, in receiving blood in time and thereby it becomes so difficult sometimes to save the victim’s life. Certainly,  the club needs to be expanded and pronged.

            Our students donate blood on a voluntary basis. Blood donation camp is conducted every year successfully. AIDS Awareness programme is also conducted time to time. Blood Donors’ club and Youth Red Cross Society jointly conduct many a number of training and awareness programs like First Aid; AIDS eradication; Dengue fever eradication and also make visits to the home of mentally retarded children; the leprosarium and all at regular intervals.