History – Programme Outcome

Programme Outcome:

  • Identify the customs and manners of the people of different countries through different periods.
  • Adopt the lifestyles of the cultured people
  • Follows the ideal character of men of Great Personality, Saints and leaders.


Program Specific Outcome :

  • Develop new ideas, techniques, strategies etc. from the study of remote and recent past events
  • Develop the spirit of toleration, communal harmony and mutual understanding.
  • Understanding of the reasons and consequences of the Historical events develop their reasoning power
  • The study of Historical events made the student of history to settle the recent critical problem very easily because of their study on challenge and response.

Course Outcome:

  • The Students have a clear and detailed knowledge about the geography of the countries in the world and its significance in the developmental activities.
  • Developed the practice of preserving antiques namely, coins and artifacts.
  • The study helps the students to understand the difference between fact and fiction, rationalism and conservatism, democracy and autocracy.