Nazareth Margoschis College at Pillaiyanmanai is a co-educational college of Arts, Science and commerce.  It is named after a well known S.P.G. Missionary Rev. Canon Arthur Margoschis.  It is situated in rural surroundings and is easily accessible to the youth of the villages in the southern part of Thoothukudi District.  The college is under the management of Thoothukudi-Nazareth Diocesan Trust Association, the educational wing of the Thoothukudi-Nazareth Diocese of the Church of South India.

            The college was started in 1967 with three sections in the Pre-University Course affiliated to the MaduraiKamarajUniversity.  Regular classes began from 5.7.1967.  Prof. S. James Jagaraj as its first principal guided the destiny of the college for 15 years from 1967 to 1982.  It was upgraded to first grade status with the introduction of degree courses in Economics and Mathematics in 1970.  It became co-educational in 1972 and in the same year History major was introduced at the degree level.

            As Pre-University courses were taken away from colleges in 1979, more degree level courses were started immediately in our college.  B.Sc. degree course in Zoology was introduced in 1978.  The college started B.A. English Literature in 1979 and B.Sc. Chemistry in 1981.

            The Second Principal Prof. S. John Gabriel assumed charge as Principal in 1982.  He was the Principal of our college from 1982 to 1995.  The college chapel was built during his period.  B.Com. degree course was introduced in 1982.  The college became a Post Graduate Institution from 1987 with the introduction of M.Sc. Mathematics, Advocate Mr. Thangaswamy donated for Maths PG Block. Front size compound wall was built in his period.

            Since 1990, the college has been affiliated to the ManonmaniamSundaranarUniversity, Tirunelveli.

            Dr. A.D.K. Jeyaseelan was the third Principal of our college from April 1995.  A.D. Koilpillai computer centre was built in 1996 and P.G.D.C.A. was started in the same year under self-supporting system B.Sc. Computer Science was introduced in 1997.

            Dr. J. Joel, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., assumed charge on 19.2.2000.  He was the principal of our college from 2000 to 2013.  M.Sc. Chemistry course was started in the year 2001 under self-supporting system. Under self financed category B.Com. and M.Com. courses were introduced during the academic year 2002-2003.  With the active assistance of Prof. Paul Dawson secretary, NMCP was to construct a compound wall enclosing the whole area of the college campus was completed.

 The first floor of the Bishop Jeyapaul David Ladies’ Hostel was constructed in 2004. Mr. D. DuraisamyNadar Block and Mrs. RajammalDuraisamyNadar (Oorvasi soaps, Chennai) M.C.A., Block, Bishop Dr. A.D.J. Jebachandran auditorium with Twelve class rooms in the ground floor were also built.   Bishop Amma Mrs. Visithral Jebachandran Women’s hostel with plinth area of 17,000 sq. feet with open air auditorium, under the UGC XI Plan-special development scheme was also built.

            From the year 2014-15 onwards B.A. Tamil Literature B.A English Literature and M.Phil Commerce degree course were introduced  under self supporting scheme. From the year 2016-2017 onwards M.A History and M.A English Literature degree course were introduced under self supporting system. 

            Dr. H. Ravindaran, Dept. of English assumed as Principal from March 2015.

            Dr. S. Arulraj Ponnudurai assumed office as Principal pf our college on 17th October 2017.  His advent brought forth impressive revival in the growth all the activities of the institution. His god-fearing, gentle, committed and animating leadership is a tremendous boon of the college.  Having brains as well as brawn, he acts as a binding force to all the segment of the college. NAAC, NIRF, UGC, Discipline, Infrastructure, Campus, Development, PTA and Alumni Association are his top priorities. An  eloquent speaker, he is moreover, a great sources of inspiration for the students as he infuses and instill Christian values and confidence  in the minds of the students.

                A prayer hall exclusively for girl students in the women retiring campus at a cost of Rs 6.3 lakhs which was wholly sponsored by our secretary.  Mr. S.D.K. Rajan  is his first noble task on the campus. B.Sc Chemistry Lab was completely modernized at a cost of six  lakhs. Additional amenities to girls in their resting places, extensive flooring renovation in the administrative area and upgrading the institution by introducing Ph.D Research Centre in the Department of Commerce and Mathematics are his remarkable achievement.

            The College completed 50 Years of valuable educational service to the youth of this rural area and celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the year 2017 under his leadership.

Due to the  prayer, devotion, zeal and tireless service of the Secretary, the Principal and the staff members, the college is well poised to embark on the programme of  growth and development.